Why do dogs chew sticks?

Researching this topic on the internet reveals that most people tend to think that a dog will chew a stick for two possible reasons.

1. A dog will chew a stick as a bone replacement. In other words, as your dog at that moment in time does not have access to a bone, he/she will chew on a stick instead.

2. A dog will chew on a stick due to receiving an inadequate diet, in other words it’s hungry.

To be honest nobody knows for sure, but below are my thoughts on the subject. The following suggestions are in no particular order of probability, and could be one, or a combination of options.

1. Dental care. Dogs have a need just as we do to keep their teeth clean, and in a dog’s case sharp as well.

2. Dogs find chewing to be very relaxing, and comforting.

3. Trees just like plants contain nutrients. Dogs may chew sticks to get at supplementary nutrients that are missing from their diet. Potentially this relates to grass as well.

4. It could just be a play time activity.

5. Dogs may just like the taste.