Dog moulting

More than half of the UK's dogs are now moulting abnormally large amounts of hair, according to the National Dog Moulting Survey, forcing owners to spend an average of half an hour extra vacuuming every week.

Over 350 dog owners from across the UK took part in the survey, with dogs ranging from Afghans and Alsatians to Westies and Yorkshire Terriers. Over 60% of owners said their dog moulted more than they would like, with 42% of dogs moulting excessively, which is leading to 69% of owners hoovering more than they otherwise would.

The survey also highlighted the scale of moulting in the UK:
  • 58% of owners said their dogs are moulting continuously throughout the year
  • 59% of dogs are losing significant amounts of hair
  • 64% of owners are hoovering at least once a day (this compares to the national UK average of 28%!), with 1 in 6 hoovering several times a day.
The problem is being blamed on a combination of climate change, central heating and changes in diet. Whilst it’s difficult for dog owners to change their dog's environment easily, nutrition does offer a potential helping hand. Many dog's diets are low in the essential omega 3 and 6 oils required to maintain coat condition, and one of the characteristics is excessive moulting, which will also lead to your dog scratching more.

Maintaining your dogs correct levels of omega 3&6 can reduce dog moulting by 30-50%. Your dogs coat will also be healthier, softer and shinier.