Primeval instinct

There is something very primeval about walking with your dog in a forest. It’s as though a circle has been completed. You finally feel completely at one with nature. Watching your dog running through the trees, jumping over any obstacles that get in thier way, it’s as though they are dancing with nature itself. At times like these, you will see the inner wolf come alive in your dog.

It’s like stepping back in time; it feels more like you are walking in ancient times than the present. The whole experience intensifies even more if you are walking with several dogs, a pack.

The wind may well be howling, but alas your dog will probably not. But never the less, rest assured, a beast lies within. Their appearance might be saying domesticated dog, but their eyes tell of a different story.

Even though we have lived with dog’s side-by-side for thousands of years, it would seem that you can never really take the beast out of the animal. The fact that our dogs still mark their territory, have territorial disputes and hunt at every available opportunity demonstrates that, which is a good thing. The domesticated dog is closely related to the wolf, they can even be inter-bred. Infact their behaviour is balanced between 20% breed specifics and training, the remaining 80% is pure instinct.

You can take an animal out of the forest, but you can never take the forest out of the animal. All dogs should be given the opportunity to roam through woodland habitat; after all, it’s where they really belong. They will enjoy it immensely, it’s both good for their health, and for their psychology.