Healthy human foods that dog’s can eat as a treat

Dog treats, like human treats tend to be unhealthy, especially in large quantities. Listed below are a few safe and healthy human foods you can try giving your dog as a safe alternative to unhealthy dog treats.

Primeval instinct

There is something very primeval about walking with your dog in a forest. It’s as though a circle has been completed. You finally feel completely at one with nature. Watching your dog running through the trees, jumping over any obstacles that get in thier way, it’s as though they are dancing with nature itself. At times like these, you will see the inner wolf come alive in your dog.

Human foods harmful and/or poisonous to your dog

How many times have we all given our dog a little food off of our own plate, or put a small amount of our food into their bowl at feeding time. Listed below are numerous reasons why this is not such a good idea. Food for thought, if you can excuse the pun.