Four ways to encourage your food finicky dog to eat

You've probably been feeding your dog on the same food for a while now, so it's no surprise if their starting to turn their nose up at it. Some dogs can be finicky eaters. In the wild dogs will eat almost anything, but in our homes they learn that some foods are edible, while other foods taste incredible. Even if you're diligent about not feeding your dog people foods, they still have the opportunity to smell it, and see it on your dinner plate.

There's a difference between a picky eater and a finicky eater. A picky eater will only occasionally refuse to eat and can be easily tempted with a slice of cheese or something added to their bowl. A finicky eater is a dog who has decided that their giving up dog food for good. Firstly you want to rule out any health issues when you’re dog makes any behavioral change, but if your vet gives you’re dog the thumbs up there are several ways to get him/her to eat without disrupting their stomach.

1. Reduce their Treats - A finicky eater will be more inclined to eat if they’re not comparing their dog food to a tasty treat.

2. Feed Often - Try feeding smaller amounts of their regular food, three or four times a day.

3. Exercise - It's good for so many things and it increases a dog's appetite. Try to always exercise your dog before feeding them.

4. Resist Temptations - Try the other tips before giving into the urge to tempt your finicky dog to eat with people food. You may find that a few pieces of cooked chicken may tempt them for a time, but they'll soon grow bored of that too.

The proper amount of food is essential for a healthy dog. A finicky eater can be underweight or even overweight because of the goodies their owner tempts them with. An underweight dog can have trouble with their bone density, their kidneys and liver, they are also more prone to skin infections. An overweight dog can have heart trouble and joint problems.

In my opinion and experience most dog problems relate to not enough exercise, so number three is my personal favorite. If a dog works hard, they will be hungry, therefore they will eat.