The four elements to a healthy and happy dog

There are four important elements that a dog needs in order to lead a happy and healthy life. The appropriate amount of each element will vary dependent on the dog breed in question. For example, working breeds like the Border Collie require a lot more exercise and mental stimulation than none working breeds, so it's important that you have a good knowledge of the dog breed in question. Working breeds require more exercise than none working breeds, therefore they may require more protein in their diet etc...


Your average non-working dog breed can quite comfortably manage 90 minutes of exercise per day, you can double that as a minimum for working breeds. Working breeds will go all day if you let them.


Cheap poor quality dog foods contain bulking ingredients like wheat. Wheat is not a particularly good food to give to a dog. It's put into dog foods because it's cheaper than meat and it will fill the dog up. Wheat is difficult to digest and can cause stomach problems, just as it can for people too. Cheap poor quality dog foods also contain other additives, colorants and preservatives, all of which can make a dog hyperactive and overweight.

Always provide your dog with the correct amount of food based on their weight. If however your dog has received more exercise than usual on a given day then feel free to give a little extra.

Its' worth noting that some dogs biologically have problems digesting protein. If this is the case your dog may show symptoms of aggression. Providing them with less protein in there diet may actually improve their temperament and wellbeing if this is the case.

Mental stimulation

Intelligent dog breeds like the Border Collie and German Shepherd not only require physical exercise but also mental exercise. A bored dog can quite easily become a destructive dog. Also worth noting that you can tire a dog out quicker making them use their brain than you ever will just walking them.


You can never under estimate the importance of companionship. Dogs are sociable pack animals and do not cope well with solitude.

Always consult your vet regarding any health issues and a qualified dog behaviorist regarding any behavioral issues before undertaking any action.