Dogs and modern lifestyles

Dogs and humans have lived together side-by-side for thousands of years. Spending almost their entire evolutionary lives in a world less fraught with danger than today.

There was a time when dogs could roam freely, without the need of a leash, greeting other dogs, chasing squirrels, rabbits and deer. Running merrily through woods, fields, and streams, dogs exercised their bodies and all their senses. Many worked closely with their owners all day, hunting, herding, or guarding. These dogs would then return home exhausted, receive some affection, then lie down on the floor and sleep until morning. Very few dogs living this type of lifestyle suffer from separation anxiety or boredom for that matter.

Automobile traffic makes this type of lifestyle dangerous for dogs these days, and busy modern lifestyles and long working hours make it impractical and out of reach for most dog owners. This is a conflict of interests, what is in the best interest of the dog is to have plenty of mental and physical stimulation, this conflict’s with their owner's desire to relax after a long day at work.

Due to our intervention into the evolutionary development of the dog species, we owe it to them to make their lives as complete as possible; how we accomplish this is up to us.

Only 40 genes separate your domesticated dog from a wolf, in fact dogs & wolves can still be interbred. It's important that your dogs instinctive requirements are met, as a fulfilled life with purpose will keep your dog both happy and healthy.