Keeping your dog entertained while you are at work

There are many things that you can do prior to going to work that will enable your dog to keep themselves occupied and entertained while you are away.

Treat ball

For example, one of the best things you can do is purchase a treat ball. Then every morning prior to setting off for work either place some treats, or if you prefer some of your dogs dried food in the ball and leave it on the floor for them to play with. A treat ball is not only a great toy for your dog to play with, but it will also keep their minds stimulated and save them from getting to bored.

Treat puzzle

The treat puzzle works to the same principle as the treat ball. However retrieving treats or food from them tends to be much harder. Therefore ideal for those dog breeds with big brains.

Hide and go seek

If you would rather save your money you could simply hide food or treats in various locations around your home. Then it's up to your dog to go sniff them out. It's a good idea to remember where you place the treats though. Otherwise you might end up with mold growing out of your carpet at a later date.

Arrange for a visit

If you can not afford for someone like me to walk your dog, or provide a home visit, ask a friend, relative or neighbor to pop in at lunch time. This will provide your dog with some company, and will allow then to take a toilet break. A dog should never be left on their own for more than four hours at a time. Dogs are pack animals by nature, therefore sociable animals. They both need and enjoy company.

Acquire a second dog

Owning two dogs will insure that neither get bored or lonely while you are away from home for any length of time. If you do decide to get a second dog, it's a good idea to make sure that both dogs have similar energy levels, & that both are of a good temperament, as they will need to get along well together.

Leave a radio on

Putting the radio on before leaving for work is also a good idea. At least your dog will hear someone's voice, and they can also enjoy some soothing music. Classic FM is our choice.

Leave an old item of clothing on or by their bed

If your dog gets anxious while you are away, try leaving an old item of clothing in their bed for them to cuddle up to & sniff. Make sure it has your scent all over it. So wear it for a day or two & do not wash it. Your dog may settle better with your scent still in the home.

Chew toy

If your dog is the destructive type, try leaving a chew toy down for them to chew on. Who knows they might just leave your home intact. Try to avoid items that could be considered a choke hazard though, like rawhide. Rawhide is a serious choke hazard so should only be given to your dog if you are in the same room as them, just in case they need your help.